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Testimonies1The primary focus of the Divine Impacts Ministry is to be the evidence of God’s existence in the world. So many people are hurting, lost, confused, rejected, hopeless and alone. They desperately want to believe in something; or someone, that inspires them; gives them hope, acceptance and love!

Divine Impacts host a conference call called AWAKENING that provides a place for people to come and experience the testimonies and stories that are living proof of God’s desire to have influence and impact in the lives of His children.  We host a different testimony live on the call; with prayer and scripture included. It’s 60 minutes of a positive, uplifting focus on God’s awesome impact in people’s lives; and the great thing is He wants to make that same impact in your life!

With each story you hear, your heart is opened up more to the possibility of God working in our life; healing that relationship; curing you of an illness; delivering you from financial struggles; giving you peace! The list goes on! Would you commit to 60 minutes if you knew you were moving closer to God’s will for your life as well as growing in a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Sure you would!


The Divine Impacts AWAKENING Call takes place on Monday nights and last approximately 60 minutes. THE NEXT CALL IS CURRENTLY NOT SCHEDULED! Please check back for future dates! It’s simple! Make the decision to join us for this wonderful evening of God’s glory; dial in and listen! That’s it! The call is in “listen mode” only so you don’t have to worry about background noise. Enjoy this ministry from the comfort of your home!

The call in Number is: (712) 432-1500       Pin: 679496#

Occasionally we have what we refer to as Divine Impact M&M’s! This is an evening of “Mini-Miracles”! those tiny moments when you can’t believe what you just experienced and you say “Thank God”! We would like to hear it!

We are always reaching out looking for those who feel they are being called to share on a call. Has God worked in your life somehow? Has He had a Divine Impact on your life? We ask you to pray about sharing and joining us. Whatever experiences we have had in our life was for a purpose. Whatever way God touched your life can be multiplied by sharing with others; keep the miracle alive; SHARE IT!

Conf Call image N textFor more information on how you can be a part of this ministry by sharing your story or testimony; or if you wish to receive a flyer or handout to invite you family, friends or church, we can be reach at:


Help us spread the word of Christ to those in need and be a part of spreading the Divine Impacts Ministry to world! GOD BLESS!


COMING SOON! Access to all previous Divine Impact AWAKENING Calls! Keep an eye out! 🙂


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