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everyone has a storyEVERYONE HAS A STORY!

The mission of the Divine Impacts Ministry is to bring together stories of God’s existence through the testimonies and stories of others. Many people in the world are hurting, struggling, have lost hope and are searching for the truth; searching for evidence of God’s existence.

Personal testimonies do just that!

It can be difficult to see a positive outcome while enduring a struggle. Nothing provides more inspiration and hope that our lives can be transformed than hearing the testimonies and stories of others who have shared in our difficulties. Stories of God’s Divine Impact in our lives can be the encouragement and promise that others need to take that first step to healing. It’s when we have the courage and strength to share our own personal stories that we become an instrument of God. When we can begin to offer our trials as strength to others, we find that we too can gain strength from our the sharing of our own stories there by multiplying God’s impact in the world!


Tell Your Story 2The Divine Impacts Ministry is always reaching out to those being called to share their stories. Some of you are ready; and some of you are unaware that you are ready and just need some encouragement. We need you! If you have been blessed and touched with God’s Impact in your life, consider sharing your story and joining us on one of Divine Impact Conference Calls.

For those who have difficulty speaking of your story, have we got a place for you! The Divine Impacts Ministry is in the process of its first publication entitled “Awakenings”; a compilation of personal testimonies shared by you and inspired by God. If you feel that God has touched your life in some way, then we want to hear about it. To inquire about sharing your story for publication please contact us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page or email us at

Tell Your Story

The truth is not whether or not you have a story; it’s whether or not you are ready to share it!

Some of the greatest healing can come from sharing our struggles. The beauty is the impact you can make by sharing those struggles with others. Divine Impacts is here to provide that place where you can come to give or to receive; to share or to be ministered to. Whether giving or seeking, sharing or needing, know that God is waiting to make a Divine Impact in your life!

NOW IS YOUR TIME!      Let’s make and Impact TOGETHER!        God Bless!

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