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Testimony-ServiceWe are so blessed to have so many great people share with us their testimonies; God’s Divine Impact in their lives. It’s something we are all called to do yet some of us do not yet possess the courage to do so. For those of you in need of spiritual nourishment, I invite you to listen to the archived calls within our website. For those of you that feel you are being called to share your story, I invite you as well to contact us at divineimpacts@gmail.com and let us know you desire to make an impact.

Remember you can always catch our calls LIVE. For information just click the link at the top of the page for the Conference Call.

Again, we all have a story! Regardless of how big or small there is someone out there that needs to hear it; someone out there that will be impacted by your testimony. By sharing you could be the difference maker; you could be the one that leads someone to Christ! Offer yourself as an instrument for God to reach others! You will be blessed graciously!

The link to the archived calls is listed below! We will constantly be updating the calls and adding past calls until we have the website completely up to date!

When clicking on the links to the calls, please be patient when downloading. The calls run from 30 – 60 minutes, therefore it may take them a moment to download. But it will be worth it!

God bless and may these calls make a Divine Impact in your life!


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