Emotion or Just Motion!

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going-thru-motionsDo you ever feel like you are doing nothing more than going through the motions of life? Passion, excitement and enthusiasm just seem to be nothing more than a distant memory of things that use to be a part of your existence; of the way you viewed and lived your life! Now, it’s nothing more than a slamming of the alarm clock as we head out to a job we despise; going through the day without much enjoyment in what we are doing. Then its home to the family where we go into a mental decompression that makes us no more than a fixture in the home to our spouse and children. Mentally we are detached from every aspect of what is our life; our marriage, raising our kids, our career, our friends and family, our health, our finances, and our faith!

I hope I’m not the only person on this earth to experience this feeling of dryness, as though my heart is into anything I do! Of course, I am not! In fact, this is a place that many people find themselves and the question we all ask is “How did things get this way?”. The great news is it be changed instantly; at this very second if you so choose it! Sounds simple, right?

First let me start by saying that all I am doing here is sharing what has and is working for me. I am not a counselor, psychiatrist or therapist. But what I have learned and what is becoming more apparent and clear to me everyday is that controlling my attitude and emotions are key! There are so many things in this world that are out of our control and for some reason those seem to be the things we focus on rather than looking into ourselves and into the mirror to see what we DO have control over. The fact is we allow negative emotions to take our heart “out of the game”! Negative situations do NOT have to lead to negative emotions. We can choose to focus on the positive side of things, stay joyful and happy, therefore setting ourselves up to be able to give the best of who we are to those around us.


What I have found that works and I still apply it to all areas of my life today is to find what it is about that aspect of your life that you really love or enjoy; what puts a smile on your face? Having a career as an investment advisor, I love educating my clients on their options; I love building long lasting relationships with them and being a part of helping them to reach their goals and dreams. Now there are those times where people wait until the last minute to cancel appointments; or not even be there when I show up because they forgot about our meeting. Sometimes it seems I place more of a priority on their well being then they do themselves. Those things can really be frustrating and quite frankly could take me out if I let it. But instead I remind myself of what I love about what I do, close my eyes for just a few seconds and see myself enjoying myself and within seconds THOSE are the emotions I let engulf my heart! Not those of anger and frustration!

Work with all your heartI have not only been focusing on doing this in my career but also towards the relationship with my spouse, time spent with my kids, my view towards my health, etc. All of these relationships and areas of our lives WILL have trying moments; we will experience let down, disappointment, pain both physically and emotionally; frustration, anger and sometimes just a desire to give up and call it quits! It’s during those times we need to remember what it was in the first place that captured our hearts and recall it to our minds.

Colossians 3:23 tells us “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart!” When our heart is not in the things we do, the relationships we are involved or in our lives in general, we can find ourselves like zombies, walking deadly through life with days, weeks, months and even years slipping by. By keeping our hearts engaged, we can take what is the best of ourselves and begin to apply it to all these areas of our lives; and isn’t that what we are all called to do?

Take back control of your life by first taking back control of your emotions and your attitude; TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR HEART! Don’t just go through the motions of life, but engage your heart and your positive emotions and watch the people and things around you begin to respond with that same vigor and passion of life you are living out! It’s contagious!

I wanted to share a link of a song that hits this topic head on; It’s called “The Motion” by Matthew West! It helped me to realize that I was merely going through the motions of my life. If most of us would just take a few minutes and reflect on ourselves, I believe we would realize that we can in fact be the composers of our lives! Hope you enjoy!




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  1. Donovan

    I feel ya, Jeff!!! Your heart was in this post! We really think the answer is to get our head in the game. Our world is so “data driven.” Like you, I am a father, so what we might need to be is more “Dada Driven.” We do need to have our heart in it, to “win it.”

    I am a coach and counselor. I love the incredibly powerful truth you point out that this very instant is the time to put your heart into it, to bring that great attitude to the situation.

    We have had discussions about how this was modeled by Jesus. In the concentration camps, Victor Frankl helped his cause with a positive attitude. He survived for years when others perished in days from the shock of it all. Nelson Mandela had his heart in it while living in an 8 by 8 foot prison cell.

    Times are tough, but any one of us can make matters worse with a defeatist attitude. On the other hand, we can make our world better this very minute by putting our heart into it. I can totally relate to how powerful it is to suport and encourage others contagiously. I too am bummed when others don’t catch the fever. Keep spreading it my man!!!


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