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resolution 2Here we are again; A NEW YEAR! It’s that one time every 365 days where we feel our mental toughness is at its strongest point; that one spot on a calendar where we may actually have a chance to make a change in our lives we know we need to make!

If we apply ourselves we can: Lose weight, save money, pay off debts, eat healthy, improve a relationship, quit smoking, etc. The list could go on for eternity! ┬áThe fact is that most of us would really like to see some area of our lives changed; improved! Yet I read a statistic that was not only sad, but very disheartening! It stated that of all those making a resolution to change that only 8% would actually reach their goals; only 8%! Well this could lead back to an old fact of human nature that most people will not do what they say they will. But I do not want to go down that path! In fact, I’d like to make a little suggestion as to why so few actually reach the milestones they set for themselves on this one day a year!

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Before jumping into that, I have a couple questions! Why is it that most feel like they have only one window of opportunity every year to change their lives? Why do most feel defeated before they even start? When you think about these questions and the way most would answer, that in itself can be a defeat! I believe with everything in me, and I draw much of this from my personal experience, that the goal looks to big; it looks unbelievable; too much for one person to accomplish! I know you have heard that old saying about how you eat an elephant; one bite at a time? Well that applies to EVERYTHING; especially life changes. The fact is what ever it is we are trying to change about ourselves didn’t happen over night; it was a process, a habit that was formed; ONE DAY AT A TIME! So might I suggest a drastic change in the way we view making resolutions? Make a NEW DAY RESOLUTION!

Rather than looking at the final finish line, the goal in which we are giving ourselves 365 days to reach in its bigness, let us break it down to simplicity; 365 fresh starts each day! Instead of saying “I will lose 60 lbs this year”, let us say “Today I will eat right; today I will exercise; today I will do what I need to do to move one step closer to my goal!” TODAY, NOW!

resolution 3It’s this very moment; this very second that we have control of and that we can choose to DO the actions necessary to move us one step closer to our goals! I know when I think about losing 60 lbs and all the discipline, right choices, will power and hard work it is going to take, I get overwhelmed. But when I think about right now; just making ONE right decision; well that is something I KNOW I can do! And this applies to EVERY goal you set for yourself!

It’s important to have the end in mind when we set out to achieve something, but we have to focus on the road in front of us right now! Keeping our eyes on the road, maneuvering the passage as we go gives us a much better chance of arriving to our destination and not running of the road! Know where you are going and then focus on the NOW of the journey!

So, make a resolution to yourself! Not a New YEAR Resolution but a resolution to become that person you want to become one second at a time! But remember all journeys will have pot holes! If you hit one do not let it take you out! Do not let it cause you to throw up your hands and say “next year”! Remember that RIGHT NOW, this very second you can start over! Clear your mind and remember; it’s not one chance consisting of 365 days but rather a year consisting of 365 fresh starts! Make EVERY DAY count! Happy New Year and BECOME THAT PERSON GOD CREATED YOU TO BE!


  1. Donovan Dreyer

    Great post Jeff! This philosophy is right up my alley as you know. It feels like more and more people are getting this concept of time. I believe that big changes are afoot and they happen in the way that you describe. Keep spreading theses powerful messages!

  2. safina

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