Grab Your Pencil! Time to Connect The Dots!

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Connect the DotsHow many of you remember watching a page full of dots come to life as a child? As a very young child I can remember the excitement of getting a brand new connect the dots coloring; pages filled with random dots and numbers, endless possibilities of excitement, color and life. And the opportunity to reach out with my own hand, connect the dots and begin to bring together what the author intended. Once that what was meant to be was made clear to me and the image was complete, I had the free will to add color, texture and imagination to bring life into the image. And so is it with our lives!

Are we but only random dots on this earth with no particular purpose or point? Absolutely not! God placed every individual right where they need to be; every dot in the perfect place at the perfect time that through us and our free will, we can begin to connect the dots. We can start by connecting with those right next to us; our spouses, our children, old friends, our neighbors and anyone within our reach; it is then we can begin to see the perfect masterpiece of life that Our Heavenly Father intended.

Like with the connect the dots coloring book, we too shall never be complete if we leave some dots disconnected from the rest of the creation. We need to each grab our pencil of love and begin to reach out and connect with the nearest dot; the person we see closest to us that is not connected; that is living in isolation; that is confused and lost; that is scared and alone. Make that effort to connect yourself to them in someway that brings each of us closer to resembling God’s plan for us all.

Can you imagine what things would look like if we remained but dots on the page? We would never know our purpose; we would see what we could have been; we would not know and understand the beauty that could come from connecting with the person next door? What a waste of an opportunity to be co-designers in this world!

But we can’t make EVERYONE connect the dots; and this I know, however, no one said we couldn’t reach out and connect more than just our dots. Some of us have been given the desire, vision and passion to see the picture well before the dots are even connected. I use to love trying to guess what laid in front of me on my coloring book even before I put a pencil to a dot. Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong but either way I still had the ability to move closer to the truth by connecting another dot; and another, and another.God Dots And with each dot, even if no one else is seeing the big picture, I am getting a clearer picture of my purpose and what I was designed for.  But I also know not everyone will be impacted by my “lines” but some people will be; and they will acknowledge it to me; and together we can pull out our pencil and help those that just can’t connect the dots for themselves.

It’s possible that I may never see the finished picture until the day I meet My Maker but until then I can connect as many dots as possible; invite many others to join me; add color, excitement and imagination into the page we are on today and rest in the following scripture; “We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things
work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love
God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

There’s a beautiful picture out there waiting on us to commit to; who’s going to grab their pencil and get started connecting dots? Let’s make a Divine impact together! God Bless!

12 Responses to “Grab Your Pencil! Time to Connect The Dots!”

  1. lizandrashaw

    Sometimes the UBC helps us connect dots.

  2. Genae

    I used to love connect the dot.. 😉

  3. Alana Mautone (@RamblinGarden)

    So many posts during this particular UBC have reconnected me to parts of my childhood that I have long forgotten. I used to love connect the dots puzzles – now I can connect dots all over the world thanks to my blogging. Thank you for connecting another dot with me.

    • divineimpacts

      Alana, Thanks so much for the positive comment. I agree in that the UBC challenge has open my mind and expanded my exposure to some interesting people and topics! Funny thing is I told my wife I was going to go out and get me a connect the dots coloring book….I figure at 45 yrs old I can still enjoy one like I did as a child! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Morgan Drake Eckstein

    And no man is an island. 😉

    • divineimpacts

      Morgan, that has to be the fewest words I have ever seen to make the perfect description of my analogy! Well don sir and thanks for the comment!

  5. Donovan Dreyer

    You can pretty much tell the dots make a WHOLE picture before we finally make the connection. Hello!!! Open those eyes, ears, hearts, minds and spirits. The truth is always right before us, waiting for us to get a clue. Keep those connections going Jeff!


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