Communication Is Key!

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Comm is Key“The tongue has the power of life and death.” (Proverbs 18:21). Relationships of substance and longevity require one very important practice; engaging on a regular basis in heart-felt conversation! Show me a person that shares their heart on a regular basis with another human being and I will show you two people who have a relationship built on respect, acceptance, understanding and most importantly, love!

Most people would agree that the problem with our society today is a lack of love in the world. People just don’t seem to have a genuine care and concern for others as they once did. What could be the cause of such a change in the heart of humanity?

My belief is somewhere we began communicating less, at least from a verbal standpoint; actually speaking to others. With the dawn of technology, we became more and more dependent on email, online chatting, texting, etc. Although this can be quick and convenient at times, it removes a very important factor from deep conversational communication; that being the human element.

True it takes a person to send the email, or send the text message but it lacks greatly. The missing element is that of human contact; the look in someone’s eye; the tone of one’s voice; the ability to pick up one another’s body language. Without these important factors that engage the heart as well as the mind, establishing the grounds for relationships that can stand the test of times are nearly impossible to achieve.

I find that the closeness I have and feel with people in my life is in direct proportion to the amount of quality conversations I have with them. It’s when I share my day, how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking about, what I’m passionate about I begin to connect. Even more important is sharing things such as how much they mean to me, the way they make me feel and how blessed I am to have them in my life. It’s these things that open us up to others and allow the communication to be of the heart and spirit as well as the mind.

But in addition to sharing with them so many things, it’s equally, if not more important, to ask genuine questions from the heart of them. Inquire of things such as how their day is going? How are they feeling? Is there anything you can do for them? Be sincere! Ask and then listen! We have all heard that God gave us each one mouth and 2 ears so we should listen twice as much as we speak! There is a lot of truth in that. But regardless, of speaking or listening, both are vital parts of the communication process. Last I checked, God didn’t give us cell phones or iPads, but He did give us eyes, ears and a mouth and coupled with a sincere heart and spirit, we can reach out and communicate with all around us; our spouse; our children; our neighbors; our friends; our co-workers; the list goes on! We can positively impact anyone we choose to engage with through conversation. Even if others don’t reciprocate, we can make a positive impact just by a kind hello or a polite word.

Remember, we can create death or life in the world. My prayer is that you make a decision to speak out and make an impact. Select one person you know that could be affected positively by you reaching out to them and then ACT! Share your thoughts; your kindness; your heart; your love, your words!


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  1. francenestanley

    I love this example of how we can reach people in a real way without technology. I’m writing on a similar subject for tomorrow’s post and have copied a paragraph from your blog. I’ll include your link for others to get back to. It’s the para beginning: True it takes a person … Hope this pleases you. Let me know if you’d rather I didn’t. I won’t be offended.

  2. Donovan Dreyer

    This is an outstanding blog post, Jeff. With the ease of putting ourselves out there more than any time in human history when it comes to communication; you are absolutely right, we are still distancing ourselves with the technological advances in many ways. Good, old-fashioned face to face meetings aren’t happening as much. I like your call to action as well. In my line of work, I know first hand the value of reaching out. It is vital!

  3. Leslie @ Geek Mama

    Great thought that a way to express love is to have real communication with a person. One of my favorite things to do is to sit at Starbucks with a friend and have a long conversation that covers everything under the sun. But that was much easier to do before I had kids! I think that people get so busy with children and responsibilities and try to squeeze in some communication with friends and extended family via Facebook or emails or whatever. The quality suffers, but sometimes something is better than nothing. I remember growing up on military bases overseas, we hardly ever spoke to extended family because of the cost. It would be so much easier to keep in touch now! But it is important to not always default to the easy way when the hard way (making time for quality communication) is so much more satisfying.

    • divineimpacts

      Thanks for sharing Leslie. I totally agree in that we let life be an excuse not to live! Have to keep our priorities straight! Thanks for you kind comments!

  4. Mike Gardner

    Great Blog, we have to be real with all our communications,

  5. Suzy

    “Even if others don’t reciprocate, we can make a positive impact just by a kind hello or a polite word”.- thanks for these very wise words and reminder. Dropping by from UBC

  6. Abby Dahl

    Gjkreat blog Jeff I sure needed to read that today thank you

    • Jeff

      Thanks for checking it out Abby! Always means alot to hear from you! I appreciate your kind comments! Check back and share your thoughts! πŸ™‚ THANKS


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