Epidemic of Division

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Reunite No DivisionI watched today while the largest Christian denomination elected their new leader, Pope Francis; and while many were excited not only for the Catholic faith, but many other Christian faiths and their leaders who joined in a prayer of celebration, I was shocked and disgusted at how quickly the negative and rude comments began to fly; especially on the Internet (Huffington Post especially)! The reality of something really slapped me in the face today and honestly it sickened my heart! The division of man is at a very dangerous level! DANGEROUS!

John 8:7 “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

Somehow and somewhere along the way, the division amongst man has spread into what seems an out-of-control epidemic that is slowly taking the morality of our culture to a disturbing place of hatred and separation that is totally unhealthy. We were not created to live in an environment of isolation yet with each passing day, the majority of people are, through their decisions and views, creating their own little solitary confinements. The judging of others, criticizing, accusations, finger pointing and down right hatred many show towards others is quite frankly unbelievable. It goes against everything the above scripture teaches. The question I have for everyone is when, or better yet, will we ever decide as a human race that our actions towards others matter and that we must begin to act now towards others with respect, compassion and love? “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. (John 13:34)

Divisions1When I look around the world today, I see division between families, between marriages, between sexes, races, political parties, religions and faiths; the list goes on! Everyone is fighting over their point; their view; their feelings; their desires; what they want or think they are entitled to that no one stops to look at it from “the other person’s perspective”. We have no desire to “walk in the shoes” of others. We keep to ourselves and the problems of the world mean nothing to us until one day we wake up and it effects us personally! By then we have become so isolated there is no one there to console us; encourage us or help us in any way. We lived as though we needed no one and now we find ourselves not only isolated, but alone! But it was never meant to be that way. God created us to be one with others; our brothers and sisters in Christ! If He had not intended that to be the case, he would have never created Eve. There would have been no purpose if man were meant to live alone. Be we weren’t; as a matter of fact God created Eve from Adam; in other words we are one! Romans 12:5 “So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”

So my hopes are this article prompts some thinking; possibly some questions, but most importantly some conversation; some discussion; some synergy by which we can collectively begin to come up with some solutions and actions that can begin to reverse this epidemic of division and begin to bring people back together; lowering walls and boundaries; creating desire and compassion towards our fellow mankind and get back to providing what we all as human beings need and crave; love and acceptance.

Anyone interested in being a part of such a ground breaking opportunity, I’d like to invite you to be a part of a synergy session where like minded people will be coming together to make such an attempt. We can give it a shot; take a chance; do our part; OR we can sit by and do nothing. I choose ACTION! I choose LIFE! Please consider joining us and lets begin to reverse division in the world and make a Divine Impact!

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7 Responses to “Epidemic of Division”

  1. Donovan Dreyer

    Jeff your passionate non-acceptance of things as they are is a challenge! I am up for it! I love this part of your post, where I almost hear one of those 1970’s commercials play in my head- you know the ones I am talking about I am sure. They had such an impatience to them, where if you didn’t act now, you would be sorry, you would miss out: “The question I have for everyone is when, or better yet, will we ever decide as a human race that our actions towards others matter and that we must begin to act now towards others with respect, compassion and love?”

    You followed with a quote about love. This really makes it stand out that love is an action, it is a verb. Love is to act now. Coming together for the Synergy Sessions has an element of “done deal,” to it. As opposed to the Synergy Sessions being about outcomes after the fact, the approach sets us up to act differently at the outset. We are coming together in the right spirit. Participating with that perspective, in that state may be more important than the ripples that come from it. Let’s make waves in a positive spirit! The ripples will happen for certain and almost as an afterthought. This is a novel approach. Life demands it; like yourself, I don’t accept things as they are. Repeating the same things and expecting different results doesn’t make sense to me. Doing nothing, also doesn’t make sense. Let’s “act now!”

    • Jeff

      Donovan, Action is our friend! I am looking forward to join you, along with others who believe and have hope in our families, out neighbors, our country and the world. I have no doubt that the more of us that come together with desire and passion, the more gifts, graces and ideas God will provide us because I believe more than anything, that for God to Act on our behalf we must first invite Him to participate through our own actions! Thanks for caring and not giving up on any of us; let’s keep the fight going. We are worth it! 🙂

  2. Gladys Parker

    Everyone is talking, writing, preaching of giving back, more acts of kindness etc even I. No one should have to, it should be in our moral upbringing and it isn’t. Everyone is out for themselves, to be better, get more, build higher instead. Drama use to be a TV show description now it is a part of life to most people. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jeff

      Amen Gladys! It should not be viewed as an obligation but as a desire from the heart. And you are correct; it should be something that is instilled in us from our birth; but sadly now the influence to today is not God, a mom and a dad; its TV, the internet, over-paid performers and athletes, etc. Time for us to regain the responsibility of raising our children with morals and a conscience as opposed to paying for it for because we haven’t. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Charlotte Henley Babb

    I believe Jesus also said to his disciples, “He who is not against us is for us.” Looking for division makes for an unhealthy isolation. I wonder if it stems from there being so many of us, now 7 billion, that we clump into smaller groups.

    • Jeff

      Another great point Charlotte! I can definitely see that the larger we get, the tendency would be to migrate into smaller groups; heck we see it on the playgrounds of every elementary school across the country; I believe its human instinct to want to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves! AHA! When we realize we ARE a part of something bigger than ourselves, I believe we can then be even more powerful as One Body if the 7 Billion+ pull together! Thanks so mch for your insight and great comment! I appreciate it! 🙂

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